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Welcome to Mining Outerwear Manufacture & Supply (M.O.M.S.)

I started making bibs because I got disgusted with what was out on the market. I’ve been building them for myself and the guys I work with for about 12 years. These bibs are a little more, but the time you get out of them makes them a lot cheaper, and “they save a lot of hide”.

The material is a custom fabric (coated nylon) that breathes a little less than Gortex, is tear and puncture resistant and is not affected by fuels or grease. The suspenders include a reflective weave and quick connect buckles. The pattern incorporates a dense thread pattern (@3-10 times the thread by weight compared to other bibs). No fabric is perfect in all conditions. For heavy water, I would recommend a non- breathable bib (heavy PVC). We should have some soon, mostly on a “special order” basis. Shipment on jackets may be delayed a little.

We don’t keep much of an inventory, so orders can be customized. I hope to be adding items to the inventory soon. Thanks--Jim